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Level I
1 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Maintenance Team Culture Development

In an ideal world you'd build your own team from scratch and with great care. In reality you have to work with and lead the team you've got. From the tradesperson's perspective, you may not be the boss they started out with or the one they liked best. How do you adapt to these realities? More importantly: how do you start to improve that one factor called "culture" that has the most influence over maintenance team effectiveness and efficiency?

This instructor-led seminar works through leadership and team dynamic concepts that many other workshops leave out. Having trained well over one thousand tradespersons, Carl will bring insights gathered from the floor to the supervisor and team leader who wishes to unlock more of the mysteries of how teams of people work.

What critical elements make for a high functioning, cohesive team? What can you do differently as a leader to shape your maintenance team in this direction? This is the emphasis of this one day challenge.

People have fear responses, they introduce conflict and they bring their personal problems to work. You'll learn to break through and communicate effectively on this front, understand a little brain science and to identify the various realms of emotional intelligence within yourself and others.

We'll have a frank discussion about how transparent you can and may need to become in your leadership role, and how much of that leadership you can give away to others on the team.

In group activities we'll plan strategies to build better maintenance team culture and decide how to celebrate appropriately to reinforce the big and small victories.

Culture As A Critical Component For Companies and Work Teams

Objective: Define culture and explain its role in team function and success.


Where to go from here?

Maintenance Team Culture Development is part of our supervisors training plan. If you enjoyed this class, you might want to consider taking Assessment & Training Implementation for Supervisors.

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