CD Industrial Group Inc.

Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Industrial machinery is complex.
Every team struggles to maintain it.
For 20 years, we've taught people how to think about systems,
achieve reliability goals, and prevent unplanned downtime.


Our instructors are world-class experts who truly enjoy teaching. These courses are hands-on, with live hydraulic and electrical systems that we've custom designed to provide a real challenge.

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Live schematics

Live Schematics

These interactive animations are what made us world-famous, with three million plays on YouTube and counting. Watch the fluid flow through your system, solenoids fire, valves open and shut, all under your operation. Freeze the action, zoom in and study complex behaviour right up close. There's nothing else like it.

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Lunchbox sessions

LunchBox Sessions

This is a new kind of online industrial training — a cutting-edge resource for individual learners to chart their own course.

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Ten Step Troubleshooting Process

A series of questions that will guide your thinking and help you zero in on the root cause.

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