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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges

All the innovative, interactive media from our award-winning courses is now available online. This is the best way to build and maintain your hydraulic and electrical knowledge, right on your computer or mobile device.

Step-by-step lessons take you through the fundamental concepts and tricky troubleshooting scenarios. You'll get over 80 of our YouTube-famous interactive simulations, which put you in control of load sensing pumps, pilot operated directional control valves, and detailed system configurations. The schematics come to life and show you where fluid and electricity is flowing, how much pressure or voltage is in every line, and the nuanced behavior of each component. Activities make sure you know how the pieces fit together, like the many moving pieces inside a pressure compensated piston pump. 3D animated videos fly you inside the machine, so we can teach you about the invisible forces and functions happening deep down in your system.

We make learning easy and affordable.

You can start for free with sessions about Fluid Power Basics, Electrical Basics, and Schematic Symbols. When you're ready, pay just $249 USD to unlock the entire library of over 260 learning materials. That's less than $1 per material — and we've got even better pricing for large teams and students. Of course, we're refining and adding new content every month, so it all keeps getting better. When you become a paid member, you also get access to our dynamic quizzing system, which is a fantastic way to stay on top of what you learn.

I could go on and on about this — seriously, we spent ten years building it, because that's just how good we wanted it to be.

Join the thousands of other people and teams growing their troubleshooting skills, gaining new insight into their equipment, and advancing their careers.