CD Industrial Group Inc.

Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level III
2 Day
Instructor-Led Course

PID Control System Troubleshooting

Learn to:

  • Design and analyze control algorithms for industrial processes
  • Identify signal conditioning components
  • Analyze approaches to control loop feedback
  • Utilize various methods to control a system
  • Methodically fine tune and troubleshoot a system fault

In this course, use actual low voltage control circuits, controllers, and computer logging/graphing programs, and learn to identify the components and sub-circuits of a control system. Learn to deploy the Ten Step Troubleshooting Process for efficient fault finding.

Participants will also learn to list sources of signal noise, explain error correction techniques, and adjust PID control parameters.

The course is 70% hands-on work with plenty of time to experiment, to increase comfort levels with closed loop controls.


Where does this class fit in?

PID Control System Troubleshooting is the second class in our three-course instrumentation series. After completing this class, you can take Applied Automation & Process Control.

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