CD Industrial Group Inc.

Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level I
3 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Pneumatics Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Learn to:

  • Describe procedures to maintain plant air line equipment
  • Explain fluidic principles for pneumatic devices.
  • Identify the working process of control valves.
  • Describe the types of actuators and their process of operation.
  • Identify basic pneumatic circuit designs.
  • Explain electro-pneumatic component functions.
  • Explain pneumatic logic elements and decipher logic charts
  • Apply logical steps in troubleshooting.
  • Interpret vacuum system diagrams and perform system diagnosis.
  • Analyze air over oil circuit design and troubleshoot effectively

This course is designed to be the first step in pneumatics training for maintenance personnel. Participants come away from this highly concentrated course with a solid understanding of pneumatic principles, component design and function.

As the course progresses the systems that are analyzed gradually become more complex to allow participants to see how smaller component groupings and circuits make up large factory systems. Systems troubleshooting and analysis methods are taught with the goal of eliminating the "hit and miss" methods that can be so costly in terms of time and materials. Safety is stressed along with sound maintenance practices.

This three-day course is taught with circuit simulation software, live pneumatic training boards and through instructor guided hands-on study of individual components.


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