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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level I
2 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Shaft Alignment: Laser

Learn to:

  • Explain the costly effects of misalignment
  • Identify the symptoms of misaligned rotating equipment
  • Utilize built-in tools to diagnose and solve soft foot problems
  • Set up laser instruments for alignment work
  • Use various sweep and pass modes to acquire data
  • Use simple graphing and formulas to analyze the readings taken
  • Input offsets and work with thermal growth calculations
  • Complete successful horizontal moves and confirm final alignment

Is the correct alignment of rotating equipment a critical reliability factor in your plant? Would improved or refreshed skills in laser shaft alignment methods help with maintenance team confidence and performance?

Who should attend?

Plant mechanics, millwrights and maintenance engineers are responsible for the health and reliability of rotating equipment. In this course, participants will learn how to accurately align direct coupled machine shafts.

This 2-day course begins with the fundamental principles behind shaft to shaft alignment and concludes with students conducting a series of alignment exercises using common laser alignment tools.

Alignment Theory Review

Objective: Describe consequences of shaft misalignment

Know your types of misalignment and their impact on machine reliability

Laser Alignment Principles

Objective: Explain the principles of laser alignment

Differentiate between emitters, prisms, and detector/receivers, and learn their respective advantages

Laser Alignment Techniques

Objective: Demonstrate correct laser shaft alignment routines

Activity: Complete at least two computer simulation and two hands-on based laser alignment jobs

Mount, calibrate, and utilize lasers and their controller menus like a pro

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