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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level III
3 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Advanced Hydraulics Troubleshooting & Motion Control

Learn to:

  • Describe preventative maintenance procedures and list the steps in logical troubleshooting
  • Interpret cartridge valve (logic element) designs and schematics.
  • Explain the operation of transducers and perform basic tests.
  • Explain proportional valve principles and make basic adjustments.
  • Interpret ISO cleanliness codes and analyze oil test reports
  • Identify servo valve designs and make basic adjustments.
  • List the steps in safe testing of basic components.

Would an enhanced understanding of electro-hydraulics and complex pressure controls help you with your troubleshooting?

With the concepts in place from our level I & II courses participants are ready to tackle this intense level III course in advanced hydraulics topics. The emphasis is on understanding the internal workings and normal operating characteristics of complex hydraulic motion and pressure controls, making adjustments for proper operation and troubleshooting system problems. The electronics principles involved with proportional and servo valves are demystified for both mechanical and electrical maintenance workers.

The Ten Step Troubleshooting Process is taught with the goal of eliminating the hit and miss methods that can be so costly in terms of time and materials. Safety is stressed along with sound maintenance practices. The course is three days in length and is taught using a live hydraulics panel, simulation software, valve and component models and common test instruments.

Proportional Valves

Objective: Explain proportional valve principles and make basic adjustments

Activity: Valve connection and tuning for gain, deadband, ramp and more

Learn about common electro-hydraulic fault issues!

Proportional Valve Amplifiers

Objective: Explain LVDT feedback, gain, deadband compensation, and ramp settings

Activity: Configure a proportional valve amplifier card

Whether your valve has electronics on board the valve, or if the amp is in a cabinet, there are the features to learn!

PID Motion Control

Objective: Define proportional, integral and derivative control

Activity: Tune a PID control loop for a motion control application

Learn to use terms such as feed-forward, setpoint, process variable, disturbance and more!

Proportional Pressure Valves

Objective: Describe the application of electro-hydraulic pressure valves

Activity: Connect and adjust a proportional relief valve

Find and adjust the on-board potentiometers!

Cartridge Valves

Objective: Explain the working principles of cartridge valves

Activity: Valve disassembly, inspection, test and reassembly

Reinforce your understanding of logic elements and common faults!

Hydraulic Press Circuits

Objective: Explain the unique problems in controlling energy in large volume actuators

Activity: Label prefill and decompression components. Complete sequencing of press controls

Sort out mechanical vs. electrical faults!

Servo Valve Basics

Objective: Connect and operate servo and proportional valves on our training panel

Activity: Interpret catalogue data and operational specifications

Learn to adjust and care for fighter jet quality Moog servo valves!

Servo Valve Adjustment

Objective:List causes of servo valve malfunctions

Activity: Adjust the null setting on a sensitive servo valve

Keep the system clean, and learn these valves to a deep level!

Cylinder Position Transducers

Objective: Explain the relationship of electronic transducers used in hydraulics

Activity: Test for normal and malfunctioning transducer signals

Know your closed loop cylinder positioning control scheme cold!

Circuit Analysis - Ten Projects

Objective: Interpret system design features and flow paths

Activity: Work through ten puzzles and system schematic assignments

Read schematics like a pro!

Complete list of topics:

Where to go from here?

Advanced Hydraulics Troubleshooting & Motion Control is part of a general hydraulics training plan. Other courses at the same level include Hydrostatic Drive Troubleshooting Bootcamp, and Advanced Mobile with Load Sense.

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