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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level II
2 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Hydrostatic Drive Troubleshooting Boot Camp

Learn to:

  • Explain hydrostatic circuit principles
  • Analyze hydrostatic circuit schematics
  • Adjust hydrostatic pump compensators, cross-port reliefs, charge pressure
  • Analyze common pilot/stroke control functions
  • Troubleshoot common hydrostatic loop problems
  • Work safely around hydrostatic machines

Does your hydrostatic drive function erratically or make unusual noises? Are there more than handful of hoses and adjustments at the main pump that you'd like to know more about?

This course will help anyone who maintains, repairs, or manages a fleet of hydrostatic drive machines. Hydrostatic drives are characterized by their ability to control a hydraulic motor with infinitely adjustable speeds in both forward and reverse. They can be found on machines such as skid-steer loaders right up to full size crawler/dozers. Hydrostatic drives are also used for oilfield service rigs, and in stationary plants for the manufacturing of food and paper.

All hydrostatic drives share common problems such as temperature control, pre-charging, and over-pressure protection. All drives require correct maintenance for long life and decisive action at the first sign of trouble.

Participants come away from this highly concentrated troubleshooting course with a solid understanding of hydrostatic drive principles, critical components and adjustments, as well hydraulic and electric pump displacement piloting. System analysis and troubleshooting skills are taught using the circuits and animated schematics from a variety of machines.

The Ten Step Troubleshooting Process is taught with the goal of eliminating the "hit-and-miss" methods that can be so costly in terms of time and materials. Safety is stressed along with sound maintenance practices. This two-day course is taught with circuit simulation software, machine schematics and on-screen simulations, and through instructor guided hands-on study of individual hydraulic components.

Hydrostatic Drive Principles

Objective: Explain the principles of hydraulics in closed loop systems

Activity: Predict fluid behaviour in various systems

Know your basic Hot Loops cold!

Hydrostatic System Designs

Objective: Analyze circuit components and their relationships

Activity: Interpret symbols and component connections on typical systems

The components and their relationships, symbols and schematics

Hydrostatic Drive Pumps

Objective: Explain the features of common hydrostatic pumps

Activity: Interpret catalogue data to determine port functions and pump features

Denison, Eaton, Hagglunds, Linde, Rexroth, Sauer Danfoss and more!

Pump Displacement Control/Piloting

Objective: Analyze common pump displacement/stroke controls

Activity: Design a basic test for stroke controls

Know your hydraulic and electrical pump displacement controls!

Hydraulic Motors

Objective: List procedures to diagnose common problems in hydrostatic motors

Activity: Analyze damaged motor components

Fixed and variable displacement motors - axial and radial — Know'em!

Bleed and Flushing Circuits

Objective: Analyze common bleed-off and case flushing circuits

Activity: Assemble/adjust hot oil shuttle and relief cartridges

Recognize problems that start at the hot oil shuttle and relief group

Auxiliary Use Of Charge Pump Circuit

Objective: Identify common external uses for the charge pump circuit

Activity: Diagnose problems caused by excessive flow away from charge pump circuit

Analyze those auxiliary functions and be prepared to detect problems


Objective: List common hydraulic hazards and safe procedures

Activity: Determine procedures for safe work on hydraulic systems

Procedures for safe work on hydrostatic systems

Preventative Maintainence

Objective: Describe preventative maintenance procedures for hydrostatic systems

Activity: Write a P.M. routine for your system

Keep the oil and the system clean and cool!

System Troubleshooting

Objective: List common faults and remedies in hydrostatic circuits

Activity: Diagnose faults on simulated systems and list the causes

Follow a methodical process for fault finding on hydrostatic circuits

Where to go from here?

Hydrostatic Drive Troubleshooting Boot Camp is part of a general hydraulics training plan. Other courses at the same level include Advanced Hydraulics Troubleshooting & Motion Control, and Advanced Mobile with Load Sense Hydraulic Troubleshooting.

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