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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level I
2 Day
Instructor-Led Course

ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000 Basics

This course is designed to familiarize plant technicians with the functions, architecture, and software in use in the ControlLogix PLC platform. Participants will learn basic skills to comfortably interact with the programming software, and to communicate with the PLC processor via USB cable.

Unique features of this systems such as the tagged system of memory addressing will be explained. Participants will learn to use the built in search, monitoring and diagnostic features of the software. Basic routine edits and modifications to instructions such as timers & counters will also be covered. Troubleshoot field wiring to digital input/output modules.

This course is taught using ControlLogix PLC stations with I/O panels and a ControlLogix software simulation environment.


Objective: Describe common ControlLogix hardware configurations

Activity: Configure a chassis with processor and digital I/O cards

Keying a specific model of input or output card to a specific slot is done in the software


Objective: Demonstrate how to construct control programs

Activity: Create projects and tags. Insert instructions and verify your project

Downloading a project file to the PLC and monitoring your tags is easy to learn


Objective: Explain and modify ladder instructions

Activity: Modify timers and counters, add new input, output and other bit level instructions. Work with word compares as well as compute and math instructions. Modify the light show program.

Basic logic is very powerful and easy to learn


Objective: Demonstrate how to connect various I/O field devices to the PLC

Activity: Configure a variety of digital I/O modules and correctly hardwire field test devices such as proximity switches, relays, etc.


Objective: List steps to configure serial and ethernet communications drivers

Activity: Establish communications with PLC and download programs

Work proficiently with RSLinx and set the project file path


Objective: Isolate and solve system faults

Activity: Use trend and data monitoring tools to analyze problems

Find out how to use troubleshooting tools that are built right into the PLCs software

Where to go from here?

ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000 Basics is the first in a three course series on ControlLogix and RSLogix 5000. After completing this course, you can take our level 2 class, ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000 Intermediate.

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