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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level II
3-5 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Hydraulic System Maintenance & Troubleshooting for Coiled Tubing

Learn to:

  • Interpret coiled tubing unit schematics
  • Think and act in a logical way when the system goes down
  • Conduct basic system tests
  • Analyze open and closed loop injector circuits
  • Analyze reel drag and traction circuit problems
  • Diagnose electric-over-hydraulic pump stroking problems
  • Follow correct system setup procedures

Would a deeper understanding of injector control and reel drag hydraulics help you with your troubleshooting?

This course is designed to be the first step in rigorous hydraulics training for coiled tubing operations and maintenance personnel. Participants come away from this highly concentrated course with a solid understanding of hydraulic principles, as well as component design and functions. System analysis and troubleshooting skills are taught using the circuits and schematics on a coiled tubing unit.

The Ten Step Troubleshooting Process is taught with the goal of eliminating the "hit or miss" methods that can be so costly in terms of time and materials. Safety is stressed along with sound maintenance practices. This three to five-day course is taught with circuit simulation software and through instructor guided hands-on study of individual hydraulic components.

The interactive, animated material is exceptional. It clearly illustrates CT functions and operation, and allows a visual interpretation of adjustments made to the system.Joseph A., Baker Hughes

Power Unit - CT Circuit Pumps

Objective: Identify the hydraulic pumps and their circuit functions

Activity: Locate the position of each pump on the tractor or skid based power unit

Sort out which power unit pump provides flow for particular coiled tubing functions

I really enjoyed learning about the P11P pump and also diagnostic techniques. The instructor explained everything in-depth and adapted well to operator questions.Josh P., Canyon Technical

Injector Circuit - Brake Functions

Objective: Identify critical fail-safe brake and functions

Activity: Interpret injector schematics and valve components

Maintain drain lines and quick coupler connections for safe, reliable performance

Content is very useful and is very in-depth and specific to circuits on our units. Very useful for operations and maintenance.Dave F., Calfrac

Injector Circuit - Motion Control Functions

Objective: Describe the correct settings and functions for counterbalance valves

Activity: Explain expected motion control for potential runaways: "pipe-heavy" and "pipe-light"

How much fluid contamination does it take to make a counterbalance valve unreliable?

The course is very well set up with simulations and hands-on activities. Makes it easy to understand and apply to real life.Kalen F., Precision Well Servicing

Injector Circuit - Traction

Objective: Explain traction apply/release, and pressure setting valves

Activity: Trace the traction circuit from control panel to injector"

Find out how the traction pressure is maintained if the hydraulic power unit fails!

The instructor made the course fun and helped everyone to understand why CT hydraulics circuits work the way they do.Devon M., Mountain Coil Tubing


Objective: Explain the principals of hydraulics

Activity: Predict fluid behaviour in various systems

Learn about common fluidic misconceptions that affect troubleshooters

I was very impressed with the amount of information that I will be able to use when troubleshooting in the field.Kyle K., Trican

Closed Loop Injector Circuit

Objective: Explain the hydrostatic injector circuit and its functions

Activity: Predict test results for injector simulations

Interpret injector schematics and controls expertly

I enjoyed the working computer models that show the system paths and how the parts work. The course was 5 plus out of 5.Charlie A., Leader Energy

Open Loop Injector Circuit

Objective: Explain the circuitry used for load-sense injector drives

Activity: Predict test results for injector simulations

Interpret injector circuits that use the Parker Denison Premier P16 pump and similar

Awesome course content. Carl is a great teacher and the Live Schematics help a lot to understand internal workings.Tom E., FSC

Reel Circuit

Objective: Explain reel drive and reel drag functions

Activity: Determine all flow path and directions through reel circuit

Diagnose and adjust reel drag problems

All CTU operators and mechanics need to come to this course to get at least some knowledge of hydraulic systems.Ubaldo D., Baker Hughes

Auxiliary & Bop Circuits

Objective: Explain the auxiliary and BOP circuits and functions.

Activity: Describe BOP circuit tests

Know your BOP energy sources cold

The material was great. Hands-on work together with computer simulations from our exact equipment made the course valuable for our people.Eric P., Calfrac

Systems Design

Objective: Analyze complex circuit designs

Activity: Design circuits to solve hydraulics problems

Know your reel drag to injector motion control

This will be very valuable for field troubleshooting. The instructor used clear language and is passionate about hydraulics.Paul W., Canyon Technical

Hydraulic Pumps

Objective: Compare and explain the principles of various hydraulic pumps

Activity: Analysis of hydrostatic pump controls

Confidence with adjustments and settings on Parker Denison Premier and Goldcup P11 P14, Sauer Danfoss Series 90, Rexroth AA11 and A4V pumps and more

I learned about how to understand charge pressure and the true function of the R1E valve. The content was specific to my job and made me aware of what is going on with the hydraulics.Chilton M., Sanjel


Objective: List procedures to diagnose common problems in actuators.

Activity: Motor and cylinder fault diagnosis

Poclain, Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth, Linde motors - porting, controls, and more


Objective: Identify valve designs and diagnose common problems.

Activity: Valve disassembly, inspection and reassembly

Hawe, Rexroth, Barksdale, Eaton - porting and configurations


Objective: List common hydraulic hazards and safe procedures

Think before you act - even a few hundred PSI (or less) can injure or kill!

Preventative Maintenance

Objective: Describe preventative maintenance procedures

Activity: Identify maintenance tasks and frequencies for coiled tubing circuits

Avoid run-to-failure with good maintenance and planning

System Troubleshooting

Objective: List the steps in logical troubleshooting

Activity: Coiled tubing troubleshooting simulation exercises

Learn to troubleshoot methodically with the Ten Step Troubleshooting Process

Where does this class fit in?

Hydraulics for Coiled Tubing is a specialty class, along with Hydraulics for Slickline and Wireline Rigs, and Fundamentals of Crane Hydraulics. If you enjoyed this class, consider taking your mobile hydraulic education father, with our general hydraulics course, How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Hydraulics Systems.

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