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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level II
3 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Hydraulics for Wind Turbines

Learn to:

  • Use complex schematics as a troubleshooting tool
  • Verify the correct functioning of yaw, blade pitch and the rotor brake
  • Adjust critical pressure control valves
  • Develop a reliability based approach to system maintenance
  • Prepare a methodical troubleshooting "battle plan" in advance

Participants will study best maintenance practices and operational principles as they relate to the complex hydraulic systems that control wind turbines. This highly customizable course examines the circuits that govern blade pitch, rotor braking, and yaw.

The course begins with a review of hydraulic principles, and the function of major components and sub-circuits. Schematic reading is emphasized, as well as the need to create and maintain accurate system information. The critical valves, cylinder piston/rod seals, motor shaft seals, and the sensors that work together to make up a reliable system are covered in detail.

This course also features the Ten Step Troubleshooting Process. Students learn to create and follow a logical and efficient troubleshooting plan to deal with unexpected downtime.

Hydraulic Pumps

Objective: Distinguish between gear, vane and piston pumps as used wind turbines

Activities: Conduct volumetric tests to trend pump wear issues

Develop pump maintenance routines for dense and compact power units

Electro-Hydraulic Valves

Objective: Explain functions of directional, pressure and flow control valves

Activities: Test variable solenoid (proportional) and on-off valves for proper functioning

Work expertly with integrated valve manifolds

Blade Pitch Cylinders

Objective: Analyze closed loop servo-controlled cylinders

Activities: Observe motion responses on a servo training cylinder

Learn to observe and inspect cylinders for the first signs of trouble

Yaw Motors

Objective: Describe yaw motor circuit features

Activities: Formulate test procedures yaw circuits

Troubleshoot yaw motor circuits like a pro!

Hydraulic Rotor Brakes

Objective: Describe spring applied and hydraulic pressure applied brake functions

Activities: Establish brake application and release pressure values

Know your fail-safe and active brakes cold!

Where does this class fit in?

Hydraulics for Wind Turbines is part of a general hydraulics training plan. It follows our 2-day course, Practical Hydraulics, and prepares students for our advanced fluid power course, Advanced Hydraulic Troubleshooting & Motion Control.

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