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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level III
3 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Hydro Turbine Governor Hydraulics

Learn to:

  • Use complex schematics as a troubleshooting tool
  • Explain the principles of a servo mechanism
  • Verify correct functioning of electrohydraulic, proportional valves
  • Monitor and maintain accumulators
  • Develop a reliability centered approach to system maintenance

This customized course brings clarity to the function of servo-hydraulic governor systems used on hydroelectric turbines. The functions of your specific systems are brought to life on-screen and on the student laptops that we bring to the course. We prepare for this on-site program by producing Live Schematics of your exact governor hydraulics, so that students will be able to explore all functional modes with the symbols animated, the motion flow paths with live flow arrows, and pressures with a range of colors.

Our tried and true learning tools, and our constantly evolving teaching methods enable the generating station technicians to carefully observe for normal functioning, carry out thoughtful tests and maintenance routines.

We bring a trailer full of live hydraulic training panels with identical or similar electro-hydraulic valves as are found on your system. Students conduct setup and troubleshooting tasks.

Hydraulic Pumps

Objective: Distinguish between gear, vane and piston pumps as used on governors

Activities: Conduct volumetric tests to trend pump wear issues

Avoid troubleshooting guesswork by knowing the condition & properties of the fluid source - the pump!

"The instructor was excellent. Concepts were explained very well and related back to our site specific equipment" Tom H., BC Hydro

Pressure Control Valves

Objective: Differentiate between relief and unload function

Activities: Correctly adjust relief valve settings

Recognize contamination based, stuck-open problems

Proportional Directional Control Valves

Objective: Explain solenoid and pilot operated valve functions

Activities: Diagnose common electro-hydraulic faults

Work expertly with amplifier functions and feedback LVDTs

Filtration and Fluid Cleanliness

Objective: List steps to control hydraulic system contamination

Activities: Identify particle contaminants in your hydraulic system

Know your ISO 4406 contamination/cleanliness codes

Servo Motor Cylinders

Objective: Describe cylinder and feedback transducer inspection points

Activities: Analyze cylinder leakage and stiction problems

Know your single-rod maintenance issues cold!

Accumulator Banks

Objective: Describe characteristics of a properly functioning accumulator bank

Activities: Precharge an accumulator using correct, safe procedures

Determine basic accumulator condition via external observations

Where does this class fit in?

Hydro Turbine Governor Hydraulics is part of a general hydraulics training plan. It follows our 2-day course, Practical Hydraulics, and prepares students for our advanced fluid power course, Advanced Hydraulic Troubleshooting & Motion Control.

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