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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level II
3 Day
Instructor-Led Course

PLC5 & SLC500 with RSLogix Advanced

Learn to:

  • Work with analog functions expertly.
  • Interpret high speed data handling from encoders.

Does your maintenance department have the most effective skills in PLC troubleshooting?

Following our PLC Troubleshooting I course, this three-day course emphasizes continuous process and analog applications. The course is conducted using RSLogix and Step 7 software and our lab of PLCs with I/O training panels. Detailed instructor demonstrations are given using hardware and software simulators. Hands on student labs are used extensively. Material is customized to reflect specific site processes.

Each participant will also use an exposed low voltage circuitry lab kit along with a simulator that presents visual layouts and animations of actual manufacturing and process machinery, which trainees use to solve mill/plant problems and complete their application exercises.


Objective: Describe the basic operating parameters of PLCs

Activity: Design control programs and troubleshoot

Review instructions, data types, memory maps, variables and tags


Objective: Explain how PLCs process analog I/O signals

Activity: Complete analog hardware and software labs

Block transfers, channel configurations, card settings - know'em


Objective: Interpret encoder processing rungs

Activity: Hook up and configure incremental and absolute shaft encoders

Get your Gray code and encoder to PLC wiring down pat


Objective: Explain the operation of PID instructions

Activity: PID control simulation demo and assignment

Know an abnormal PID response when you see it


Objective: Explain messaging and communications between PLCs

Activity: Configure and test data messages between PLCs

Know your PLC network


Objective: Isolate and solve system faults quickly, accurately and safely

Activity: Use data monitors, trend plots and diagnostic instructions to detect faults

Learn to trap and log data for analysis


Where to go from here?

PLC5 & SLC500 with RSLogix Advanced is the advanced course in our Allen Bradley SLC500 and PLC 5 series. After completing this course, you may want to branch out to ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000 Basics, or Schneider Modicon PLCs Level 1: Concept V2.6 with Quantum Controllers

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