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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level I
2 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Schneider Modicon PLCs Level 1: Concept V2.6 with Quantum Controllers

Learn to:

  • Read critical configuration data
  • Interpret Concept ladder (LD) diagrams and instructions expertly
  • Interpret Concept function block (FBD) diagrams
  • Write simple control programs and make modifications
  • Work with program variables and data types
  • Examine and set I/O configuration
  • Connect to a PLC and download a program to the Quantum controller
  • Monitor a Quantum controller program using diagram and variable animate features
  • Make I/O and field wiring connections

This course is a hands-on program with the Quantum PLC controller and Concept 2.6 programming software. Learn the fundamentals of ladder logic and function blocks in Concept V2.6. Work effectively with variables, timers, counters and with discrete inputs and outputs (I/O). Make minor program changes, then download and monitor on a Quantum controller. Sort out and troubleshoot both sinking and sourcing I/O cards and related field wiring issues. This course features simulations, lab activities with hardware components and basic PLC programming activities.

Project and PLC Hardware Configuration

Objective: Describe project configuration parameters

Activity: Set up a new, simple Quantum control project from scratch

Achieve clarity on those memory partitions and registers

Concept 2.6 Ladder Logic Programs

Objective: Define basic function blocks and their use

Activity: Write a simple FB program to replace the one you built in ladder form

Find out that FB programs are just as easy to read as ladders

Variables and Data Types

Objective: Explain the difference between a variable and its data type

Activity: Define variables and constants and test them in your programs

Bits, Bools, Integers and Hexadecimal - Easy!

Connecting to a Quantum Controller

Objective: List the protocols available for PC to controller communications

Activity: Set serial parameters to get a computer connected to a Quantum controller

Find out what the communications settings are all about!

Concept 2.6 as a Live Monitor of the PLC

Objective: Describe how Concept 2.6 can live monitor a Quantum controller

Activity: Use the tools for animate booleans, animate all, and the reference data editor

Red, green and yellow animated indicators tell all

Discrete I/O and Field Wiring

Objective: Interpret Input and Output Card Wiring Specifications

Activity: Correctly connect field wiring and devices and test for functioning

Get all straightened out on your sinking vs. sourcing I/O cards

Where to go from here?

Schneider Modicon PLCs Level 1 leads into Intro to Unity Pro XL (course page coming soon). You can also expand your PLC expertise by taking PLC Troubleshooting I, or ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000 Basics.

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