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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level II
3-5 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Haul Truck Hydraulics

Learn to:

  • Verify the correct over-center (counterbalance) function of a hoist
  • Interpret hydraulic brake functions and components
  • Use test procedures to check accumulator and valves in steering circuits
  • Maintain truck systems for reliability

This course is designed to help haul truck technicians and mechanics learn to find and verify faults safely, accurately and efficiently. Trainees are challenged to interpret and verify the correct and normal functions of critical circuits and systems. Contact us about model specific training for your Komatsu, Liebherr, or Caterpillar units.

Using simulations and schematics, trainees identify and code circuit modes and flow paths in the steering and hoist circuits, and the pressure values in brake circuits.

This course is taught with live hydraulic circuits on our custom-built training panels, with our troubleshooting simulation software, and through instructor guided, hands-on study of valves.

On-screen simulations and Live Schematics bring the systems to life for intensive and rigorous training.

A method of analysis for determining faults based on "knowing what normal is" will be taught taught along with our Ten Step Troubleshooting Process. Schematic reading and safe work practices are core topics throughout.

Hoist Circuit

Objective: Explain the hoist circuit and the valve functions

Activities: Use simulations to solve malfunctions in the hoist valves and cylinders

Learn the features of Liebherr, Komatsu (Husco) and Caterpillar hoist valves

Brake Cooling Circuit

Objective: Identify brake cooling flow paths and controls

Activities: Trace out flow paths for unloaded use of hoist pumps

Differentiate between pressure relief valve and pump unloading valves

Brake Circuit

Objective: Interpret brake circuit functions and accumulator back-up systems

Activity: Connect and test brake components on a training panel

Know your brake valves, relays and slack adjusters

Cooling Fan Drive Circuit

Objective: Verify correct operation of cooling circuits

Activities: Adjust pump controls and valving to achieve correct fan speed

Work with the flywheel effect of large diameter fans

Lubrication Circuits

Objective: Interpret hydraulic powered grease and lube schematics

Activities: Design tests for circuit functions

Troubleshoot this critical machine reliability function like a pro!

Hydraulic Steering Systems

Objective: Explain haul truck steering circuit functions and components.

Activities: Solve accumulator issues, test shock reliefs and and check pump controls

Know your Sauer Danfoss hand metering units and steering amplifier valves

Where does this class fit in?

Haul Truck Hydraulics is a specialty mining class, along with Hydraulic Shovels. If you enjoyed this class, consider taking your troubleshooting farther with our general hydraulics course, How to Maintain & Troubleshoot Hydraulic Systems, or learn more about mining equipment with Hydraulic Shovel - Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

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