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Simulations & Hands-On Learning Challenges
Level II
5 Day
Instructor-Led Course

Industrial Electronics Troubleshooting

Learn to:

  • Explain the principals of basic electronic circuits and measure circuit values
  • Analyze the effects of resistive elements in electronic circuitry
  • Demonstrate correct use of electronic test instruments
  • Identify capacitors and their application in electronic circuits
  • Analyze the effects of inductors in electronic circuitry
  • Explain the operation of the simplest semiconductor
  • Explain the working principles of transistors
  • Demonstrate correct circuit board repair techniques
  • To aid in effectively locating faulty components
  • Explain the operation of thyristors in electronic circuits
  • Analyze power supply designs and make tests and repairs
  • Analyze Op Amp designs and conduct basic troubleshooting
  • Explain digital circuit concepts and conduct tests

This course is designed to provide hands-on instruction in electronic circuit troubleshooting. It is designed for all technicians, technologists, tradespeople, and their supervisors who have responsibility for the maintenance and repair of electronic controls. If your production machinery has aging control circuitry requiring special care to extend its life, or you have the responsibility to find and correct control faults quickly this course is for you.

Throughout the five-day course, participants will build, test, and troubleshoot electronic circuits in a safe environment. Working with actual components, participants will develop and apply knowledge and skills in electronics. Participants will use current test instruments such as integrated portable multimeter/oscilloscopes and practice soldering and circuit board repair techniques. This highly interactive workshop is taught using simulation software along with hands-on electronics training boards.

Electronics and advanced math skills are not prerequisites. One of the primary objectives of this course is to demystify the sometimes abstract and obscure field of electronics and provide participants with common sense techniques and mental tools for troubleshooting effectively. As such the instructor will help all participants to experience a measure of success and leave the course with greatly expanded comprehension of electronics.


Where does this class fit in?

Industrial Electronics Troubleshooting follows Electrical Troubleshooting & Circuit Analysis in our plant-environment electrical training and troubleshooting. If you have completed this course, you may want to take a look at our PLC training: PLC Troubleshooting I (Allen Bradley SLC500, PLC5), ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000 Basics, or Schneider Modicon PLCs Level 1: Concept V2.6 with Quantum Controllers.

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